Time to ditch the
pen and paper

Dealnotes is a new way to take meeting notes and track action items, designed specifically for account executives.

Easy setup, no credit card required for free accounts

Built to empower account executives

CRMs are databases, not designed to help sales people be the best they can be.
Dealnotes helps you stay on top of your ongoing deals by organizing meeting notes and action items.

One solution for notes and action items

Remember everything to keep your deals moving forward using Dealnotes.

Automate your note creation

Connect your calendar to have a meeting note template created for you and assigned to a prospect.

Track to-dos across all deals

Set action items at the end of each meeting that are pulled into your master action items list across all prospects.

Build repeatable sales processes

Create customizable templates that reflect your sales process and help you better qualify deals, using frameworks like MEDDIC or BANT.

Quickly search notes to find details

Dealnotes saves you time by allowing you to search across all notes, instead of flipping through a notebook or searching multiple Google docs.

Get started in a few simple steps

Connect your work calendar

Meetings and notes will automatically populate, grouped by prospect

Take notes

Start taking notes and add action items to complete after the meeting

Complete action items

Review action items due this week across all your prospects

Crush your quota

Run all your sales processes flawlessly

Pricing Plans

Start taking notes for free, then add a team plan to collaborate or integrate. Team plans unlock additional features.



All the basics for running successful sales meetings for individuals

  • Unlimited note-taking

  • Unlimited templates

  • Search notes

  • Google Calendar integration


Coming soon
$19/ user / month

Collaboration features and integrations essential for successful teams

  • Everything in Personal plan

  • MS Outlook integration

  • Internal team communication

  • Admin control & settings

  • Salesforce Integration

  • Slack Integration

  • Asana Integration

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Create notes templates to use for all of your standard meetings and track your action items automatically from the action items in your notes.